Let's infuse your startup with principles that attract capital & success.

"I love Paul's ability to cut to the heart of the matter. He also has life-changing insights and he communicates his ideas with conviction. Love this guy!"

T. Gray

"We were a little lost. Paul came in and turned the lights on. We rebranded, rebuilt and ramped-up. Paul pushed hard and made it all happen!"

J. Rarity



Seasoned entrepreneur, investor, advisor and coach.

Raised $4M+

10M+ Audience

5-Time EMMY® Winner

2500+ Live Shows

Author, Startup Confidential: The Raw Truth about Starting a Company

"Paul and his team evaluated our challenges, up-leveled our model and helped us raise capital. Without Paul, we'd be nowhere."

N. Redmund

"Paul's workshops and lectures blew me away. There is nobody at Startup Week like Paul. I loved his energy and his ability to tell it like it is. Tremendously helpful!"

C. Reynolds

Speed Is The Key

Working With Paul

I help startups build better products, clean up messes, re-contract key players, fill out executive teams and create better, more achievable operating plans — all based on realistic thinking rather than fantasy.
In the process of helping startups to improve operations, product development, tech and more, I coach the founders and executives, helping them prepare for the exciting, uncertain roads ahead.

We’ll dig deep into your goals and mission statements. I’ll teach you how to think quickly on your feet and how to make empowering decisions in the heat of the moment. I’ll help you to quicken your processes and determine which pivots will serve you best.

My approach isn’t cookie-cutter. Working with me can be challenging. I won’t pretend to support your ideas if I don’t find them compelling. I will always cut to the chase and be straight with you.
Let’s set up a time to talk about it. I’m looking forward to learning more.

The Raw, Unfiltered Truth About Starting A Company

The Book

Changing the Rules of the Game

STARTUP CONFIDENTIAL is a brash and humorous look at the What, Who and How of launching your Big Idea. Written by EMMY® Award Winning comedian and startup addict Paul Wagner, this book is funny and intense, akin to swallowing a pill the size of your nephew. Packed with meaty facts and figures, the book digs into the human aspects and the gut-wrenching stories that make startups such profound experiences.

There is no other book like this one anywhere. It’s a game-changer. Paul Wagner is a startup and executive consultant. He’s been called, “The Best Event in Reebok History!” Paul’s poignant and funny lectures about startups and corporate culture bring the house down. They’re brash, bold and built to enlighten. Visit CreativeLab.TV and PaulWagner.com to learn more.

There is no other book like it.

You'll love it!

198 pages, 5"x8" Paperback